I come from Mombasa, Kenya, and in 1976 I was born into a family of

musicians. My father is a popular singer and guitarist. Back in the 80's

he was part of The Salna Band and he was known and successful all over

East Africa. In the 90's he became a solo artist and is since then

performing to guests from all over the world at the popular African

Safari Hotel in Mombasa. 

Inspired by him and his music I started singing myself when I was 16

years old. I've been playing with several bands (Safari Sound, Mombasa

Roots, Rafiki Sound, Motherland Band) and began to make my own experiences. 

In 1999 I got together with some musicians from Tanzania and we

founded our own band Africa Bora Sound. In order to make a living we

successfully played cover-songs at all major hotels in Tanzania.

Furthermore, we made it number one of the Tanzanian charts with songs I

had composed (Cheselina). We also got the chance to perform in Zanzibar,

Mozambique and Oman. 

Since 2005 I've been living in Cologne, where music is still the main

part of my life. I began playing guitar and got the possibility to make

new musical experiences with different musicians. 

I am very grateful to play now with "my" musicians – and to share a

part of my musical journey with them ... My songs are written in my

mother tongue Kiswahili. They are all about different social problems

with which we are confronted with and of course about … love.